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Stuart Mackay, author and founder of Clarity - Since 1981.

Clarity Healing

Many of us suffer from pervasive stress and tension in our daily lives.

Un-released tension can lead to a complex range of physical and emotional health symptoms that can threaten our body, relationships and our life.

where to begin?

True help must address the root cause of the tension.

In doing so, it sparks the beginning of a powerful and natural healing journey.

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Release not relief

Independently, you will learn to quickly and easily identify the root cause and begin releasing the tension from your body and your life.

This is your natural healing ability.

Time friendly

Clarity is easy to learn, simple to practice, and powerful when used consistently.

Clarity blends into your daily routine, starting with just 5-minutes a day.

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Why so simple?

If it's not simple, you won't use it. 

Try Clarity now

The first Module of Clarity ‘Getting Traction’ is always free of charge.

This is your warm-up module, just 5-minutes a day for 7-consecutive days.

By the end of this module, you will know if Clarity feels right for you.

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If Clarity feels right

After completing Module 1 ‘Getting Traction’ the next step is access all 5 progressive modules: [for a limited free trial period]
1. Getting Traction
2. Getting Calm
3. Getting Clear
4. Getting Focused
5. Getting Clarity

Clarity is a proven practical support structure, with daily progress tracking and ongoing personal support if required.

This safely guides you on your healing journey.

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Written about 2,400 years ago

"The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole, and also no attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul, and therefore if the head and body are to be well you must begin by curing the mind: that is the first thing...

For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the soul from the body."

Plato Chronicles 156e Plato 428–347 BC

Clarity Online

Over the years Clarity has been delivered via live workshops with workbooks and audio files. Now, Clarity Online is almost complete and being tested live. Clarity has been applied in a number of life’s areas which includes Healing, Personal Growth, Clarity Scholars, Organisational, and Sport. Coming soon is Rehabilitation and Prison Reform. If any of these areas are of interest to you, please contact us?

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