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With Stuart Mackay


Clarity Self-Healing offers you a powerful and safe structure, a proven step-by-step self-healing process, to practice independently from the comfort of your own home. Others can offer you relief, however only you can release (or let go) the tension blocking your healing process. 



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Please find a place where you will not be disturbed (i.e phone and alerts on silent) for the duration of your session.

Module-1 Introduction

How to practice Clarity Self-Healing and what happens

Clarity Self-Healing is practiced with your eyes open with you facing a mirror.

Place yourself and the mirror at comfortable head height and focus on the region between the eyes of your own face in the mirror and just observe. Focusing in this way stills your mind.

Focus Point


As you progressively still your mind, you will observe old stress and tension patterns surfacing and releasing. In this process, (as illistrated below) there are four major responses you may experience visual, physical, emotional and/or mental responses.