Clarity Workshops

Progressive Organisations are Discovering The Power of CLARITY, to Enable Staff to Quickly Release Stress, Be More Focused and Productive…

Research worldwide has shown that unreleased Stress and Anxiety has a major negative impact on the wellbeing of your employees – blocking their focus and ability to engage effectively at work. This often leads to what is termed ‘active disengagement’ by a large percentage staff members.


Why Many Organisations Ignore the ‘Elephant in the Room’ – Staff Stress

While study after study shows stress and tension in staff is undermining productivity and reducing profits, many Training Managers are frustrated in their search to an effective method (that isn’t complicated) to help staff release Stress and Tension.

Managers know that unless a program is easy to learn and not too time consuming, staff simply won’t engage.

The Benefits of RELEASING Stress Versus Stress MANAGEMENT in Your Organisation…

Managing or seeking relief from tension was a good start. However, this is like trying to manage a live hand-grenade that is centred within your organisation.

The reality is – you cannot Manage stress!

However, just like the live hand-grenade example, you can defuse it – and this is achieved by RELEASING Stress and Tension gradually, on a regular basis.

Proven Stress Release That Requires as Little as 5 to 10 Minutes a Day

One of the major benefits of Clarity is its ultimate simplicity. Learnt in one session, it is a system that helps you to build genuine calmness and clarity, with a powerful yet uncomplicated method to release, not manage stress, starting from as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Clarity is a proven form of Stress Release which has benefited thousands of people and businesses since 1981, including Fortune 500 organisations.

Clarity – starting from just 5-minutes a day, an easy to implement Advanced Stress Release tool.

Clarity Workshops

An easy to implement Stress Release Tool, producing more clarity in your staff, who with less stress and tension in their daily life, to become happier and more focused at work.

Helping to create:

  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Reduced Staff Turnover
  • Higher Staff Morale
  • Better Inter-Staff Relations
  • Reduced Office Politics
  • Clearer Communications
  • More Focused Decision Making
  • Better Customer Service
  • Reduced Health and Safety Risk
  • Higher Productivity
  • Greater Returns on Training Budgets

We conduct SKYPE Clarity Workshops for Organisations.

The Clarity Workshop is recommended for all willing participants, from all levels of the organisation.

Clarity Workshops are currantly being delivered in South East Asia and Australia, travel components apply.

Presented by Stuart Mackay


Stuart is the Australian born founder and author of Clarity.

As one of the most experienced instructors in the field of Leadership Engagement, Stuart has travelled the world for the last 37 years, presenting Clarity as a practical and measurable method to progressively clear the mind for higher personal and business engagement. He has personally facilitated over 500 Senior PETRONAS Executives in Malaysia.

“The organisational Soul needs to balance the receptive with the technical (business), to reach its full potential”. - Stuart Mackay

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